Services Provided

Your case will get a thorough, objective review. It should be understood, however, that Dr. Cina's opinions of the autopsy findings will be made to within a reasonable degree of medical certainty based on the facts of the case. His medical opinions will not be influenced by your retention of his services and he may not reach the conclusions you are hoping for. What you will get is a truthful, unbiased medical opinion from a qualified forensic pathologist.

The services offered include:
  • Review of autopsy findings, investigative reports and medical records
  • Review of autopsy and scene photographs
  • Review of patterned injury photos from autopsies or assault victims
  • Review of microscopic slides from autopsy
  • Review of select surgical pathology cases
  • Deposition and courtroom testimony
  • Lectures on topics in Forensic Pathology

As a forensic pathologist with 30 years of experience analyzing autopsy findings, conducting research in forensic pathology, providing expert testimony in court, and serving in leadership roles in multiple state and national pathology organizations, Dr. Stephen J. Cina is uniquely qualified to assist in your case. Contact him today to discuss your specific situation.