Fee Schedule

  • Initial Contact Retainer Check (Nonrefundable)

    $1000.00 required with the initial case material.
    (No personal checks or credit cards are accepted at this time)

  • Case Review, Research, Correspondence, Report Generated & Local Travel Fee Schedule:

    $500.00/hour (15 minute increments, $125 minimum)

  • Deposition and Testimony Fee Schedule

    Full day out of town for deposition or testimony: $5000.00/day + travel expenses
    Half day deposition flat rate (local-3 hours): $2500.00
    Full day deposition flat rate (local-6 hours): $5000.00

Autopsy Review

Fees for trial and deposition testimony are due prior to the proceeding. If a trial or deposition is cancelled within two weeks of the scheduled date, 50% of the fee will be charged. If cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled date, the full fee shall be billed.