Fee Schedule


Initial Contact Retainer Check (Nonrefundable)
  • $1000.00 required with the initial case material.
                                    (No personal checks or credit cards are accepted at this time)

Case Review,  Research, Correspondence, Report Generated & Local Travel Fee Schedule:
  • $500.00/hour (15 minute increments, $125 minimum)
Deposition and Testimony Fee Schedule
  • Full day out of town for deposition or testimony: $5000.00/day + travel expenses
  • Half day deposition flat rate (local): $2500.00
  • Full day deposition flat rate (local): $5000.00

Organization has the right to adjust fees for extenuating circumstances.
In addition to his expertise in Forensic Pathology, Dr. Cina was a Senior Clinical Fellow in Surgical Pathology at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. His research with bladder and prostate cancer led to his election to the prestigious Arthur Purdy Stout Society of Surgical Pathologists.
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