A forensic autopsy is a complex medical procedure conducted to determine the cause and manner of death and identify disease and injury. Although the observations of the forensic pathologist are objective, the interpretation of the autopsy findings is subjective.

Dr. Stephen J. Cina, a Board-certified Anatomic and Forensic Pathologist, has conducted thousands of autopsies and testified to these findings hundreds of times. He has also served as an expert witness in medico-legal proceedings for twenty years and has reviewed hundreds of autopsies performed by other pathologists. If you need an autopsy report reviewed or a patterned injury on an assault victim analyzed, consider a consultation with Dr. Stephen J. Cina.

Dr. Stephen Cina
Dr. Julie S. Cina

Dr. Cina's training and experience allow him to review all aspects of a death investigation. Contrary to popular television shows, the autopsy does not provide all of the answers in every case. While anatomic, microscopic, and toxicologic findings are certainly important, the cause and manner of death may remain a mystery if these data points are interpreted without correlation with the circumstances of death, clinical history, death scene investigation, and review of appropriate medical records.

Dr. Cina has over thirty years of experience in the autopsy room. But unlike many other forensic pathologists, he has honed his eye for subtle diagnoses as well. His experience as a Senior Clinical Fellow in Surgical Pathology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital has shown him that the final diagnosis may lie at the cellular or even the molecular level.

If you are in need of an experienced forensic pathologist to analyze autopsy findings, Dr. Stephen J. Cina will evaluate all of the information provided to evaluate the significance of disease and injuries and to determine the cause and manner of death to within a reasonable degree of medical probability.